Introducing Scandinavian Vintage to Asia

Möbler is the concept brand leading the huge vintage interior trend in Asia Pacific. Their vision is to become the household label for the trendy homeowner aspiring for a genuine Scandinavian look.

”Vintage furniture is the hottest home decor trend….
Authenticity is big”
/ Vogue.com November 2021

Möbler is the new buzz word for beautifully crafted classic Scandinavian Furniture, Lighting and Accessories. Every item is unique from the Allmoge and romantic Gustavian styles of the early 1800s, Jugand, Art Deco and Bauhaus periods to Retro of the 1950/60’s.

Möbler supplies any interior with the worn patina of a bygone era. Beyond aesthetic pleasure, Möbler fulfills the need the people have to fill spaces with a sences of life and character.

Market trends in Asia Pacific

Vintage demand
Mixing modern with vintage. Now a very popular interior style. Yet is the supply minimal.

Uniqueness demand
Searching for more authenticity and realness, and less “Bling-bling”. Thanks to social media. Always limited stock.

Scandinavian style demand
Nordic interior style will continue to gain in popularity.

Sustainability demand
Sustainable purchasing has become a huge motivational factor.

Market Opportunity

Asia Pacific opportunity
Expected to account for 40% of global personal luxury goods by 2025. APAC (Asia Pacific) is accounting for three of the five leading LUXURY markets.

E-commerce potential
Asia is increasingly purchasing unique products online. 20% furniture purchase online in APAC, and 47% in China.

China opportunity
40% of global luxury market. 50% of global e-commerce market. 65% prefer European brands.40% do online purchases. Increased second hand luxury market.

Focus on decor
No replacement needed, highest profit margin and larger supply.

Huge Market Potential in Asia

1.1 billion
150 million
27 million
450 million
142 million


Y – (1981-1995)

Z – (1996-2012)


1.1 billion
1 billion


350 million
270 million


Online shopping. 76% of all global luxury goods. Uniqueness.

Travel a lot. Omnichannel. Plan shopping.
Like authentic, unique, social responsibility. Video. Trust social media. Environment. Spontaneous shopping.


To accelerate our journey Möbler is in requirement of funding and raising up to 10 mSEK at a pre money valuation of 50 mSEK in new capital to develop:

Market entry

  • China, Japan, SEA


  • Online China


  • Management, marketing, administration and B2B sales.

Möbler aims at achiving a sek 95 million profit with 62% net profit margin in 2027.

For pitch deck, please contact:

Åke Pihlanen, Investment Agent & Business Enabler

Åke Pihlanen, Investment Agent & Business Enabler

Our story

The passion and love for beautiful old furniture has been with the two Swedish sisters, Emelie and Ellen, since childhood.

Having spent summers at their family’s country house, one furnished with grandma’s well-kept vintage pieces from the 1800s, surrounded by picturesque barns filled with beautiful treasures both girls grew to appreciate, adore and restore vintage furnishings.

Already in 2009, Emelie dreamt of setting up Möbler, and she reached her goal in 2016. After years of goal oriented determination, with passion, conscious decisions made and perseverance, Möbler is now rated as on of the best interior retailers in Singapore.

“We would like customers to not only buy our products. It’s all about the stories, about fulfilling the dreams, the magic, and about building a loving relationship with the customer,”

/ Emelie Hedén Founder & CEO