The Swedish Startup market is super hot and overwhelmed by great business ideas and innovations. At the same time, a plethora of startups/companies have a huge challenge to gain access to finance and venture capital at the early/growth stages. One main reason for this is the complexity of making business ideas understandable to the right recipient/investor at the right time.

The investor side has a good deal of capital but often has a big challenge to assess and evaluate the strength of the business opportunities as the cases are often of great variety. This means that investors choose not to look at investment opportunities in the early and growth stages.

This is where Enablers of Sweden steps into the game.

Enablers of Sweden bridges the gap between startups/growth companies and venture capital, operates as a filter on both sides. Through our unique intelligence based matching process, we help investors and companies in a more optimized way find each other.

We work and operate in one of the most innovative countries in the world and Sweden creates a lot of good business ideas, this is why more and more international investors are interested in investing in this region.

As a "gamechanger" are we at Enablers of Sweden fundamentally changing the way companies get access to external funding and at the same time changing the way investors globally get access to investment opportunities and an Optimized Dealflow™.

As a "gamechanger", we are changing the way to get access to external funding in early stage and growth phases.

We help your company to get "investment ready"

We display your profile to a number of investors globally

We "filter" out potential investors that bring both skills and capital

Enablers of Sweden is creating a unique “one stop shop” for investors looking for a more optimized dealflow, with our own solution the Dealflow Optimizer™.

We are optimizing your investment profile

We are offering anonymous filtering on a number of investment opportunities

We save your time so you could focus on your core business

We have the ambition to position ourselves as "the good guys", that means taking on a role as a guide and become the natural hub for companies who seek funding in the early stage and growth phases.

Partners package deals and offerings that benefit companies in their early stages.

Ambassadors to act as connectors which have a profound network of investors and valuable actors.

Premium Partners who has the interest of supporting our mission.

Dealflow Optimizer™ from Enablers of Sweden
{:en}Setting new standards of tomorrow{:}{:sv}Sätter nya nya standarder{:}
{:en}Catalysts for unlimited growth{:}{:sv}Katalysatorer för gränslös tillväxt{:}
{:en}Contributing to great success{:}{:sv}Bidrar till stor framgång {:}


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