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As an Investor, VC or Fund you most probably are aware of what’s going on in Sweden today. Sweden is together with Switzerland and Netherlands the most top innovative countries in the world. Sweden has a long history being a country that breeds innovation and the list of breaking innovations such as TetraPak, Skype, Klarna, Spotify will continue to be filled up.

Enablers of Sweden´s mission is to help our international investors getting access to future innovation- and growth companies in Sweden. With our strong networks, solid market understanding, vast experience and passion for the entrepreneur/investor/idea field, Enablers of Sweden is the perfect match being your eyes and ears on the Swedish market.

The Dealflow Optimizer™ supports to matching Swedish start-up and growth companies with investors globally. The process, created by Enablers of Sweden, is built from years of experience and aims to take away the initial selection process from you as an investor based on your created unique investment profile. This means that you only have to conduct Due Diligence on business cases that is a perfect match to your created profile.

If this sounds interesting sign up as an investor, create your own unique investment profile and get access to interesting business cases based on your criteria.

Optimized Dealflow™ help you:

Save time

Get access to the "right" deals

Give conditions to improved return on investment

Remain anonymous until the end of the matching process

Conducting a "second opinion" on interesting investment opportunities

Enabling access to several investment opportunities from a credible source

Create a unique investor profile for optimal matching

“Open up” for investment in new areas, domains and industries

Find the optimal match with respect to both capital and know-how

How it works?
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We help all categories of investors, professional and those who have just started.
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If you already have one - then just put it into the system. If not - we help you customize yours.
Receive your Optimized Dealflow™
Based on your unique profile we provide you with standardized matching teasers and support you for the next phase in the process. You are anonymous until you would like to take action and be in contact with the prospect.
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Frequently asked questions

Why invest in start-up and growth companies?

Those who invest in this type of companies become a part of the ecosystem where they help entrepreneurs, idea carriers and innovations to succeed. This in turn develops and contributes to the society where jobs are created. In addition, in the case of a successful investment it creates new wealth that can be reinvested or used for consumption, which in turn generates additional jobs and social income. Revenue that can be used for example improvement of school, health care and support even more entrepreneurs.

What do Enablers of Sweden mean by the expression ecosystem?

It is in this context all actors who help to create better conditions for more innovations / idea carriers to succeed than is the case today. These are for example us Enablers of Sweden, incubators, accelerators, investors, banks, lawyers, advisors in patents/tax/insurance/corporate structures, distributors, sponsors, business developers, etc.

Why has Enablers of Sweden created this "gamechanger" platform?

Today, about 70,000 companies start every year in Sweden and only about 700 of them get the opportunity to commercialize their idea which we think is far too bad. With this platform we want to create a factory where many more business opportunities can be matched via our optimized dealflow service. Read more on this site about how it works.

How much does it cost as an investor to register on your site?

It is completely free to register on our site and post their unique investment profile.

What do Enablers of Sweden mean with Optimized Dealflow?

When an investor registers on the site, they create their unique investment profile, which then forms the basis of our selection process before presenting business proposals based on the profile. This, together with information from companies looking for capital/competence, generates a targeted optimized dealflow. For those investors who receive many requests from companies, this tool is excellent for also saving time in the early selection process.

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