Enablers of Sweden is the result of a multi-year study and analysis of the interaction between companies and external funding. The results clearly pointed out the huge challenge the entrepreneurs have gaining access to venture capital, with the effect that promising innovations simply being discontinued and not been realized.

One of the reasons is the complexity of making the business idea understandable to the right recipient/investor at the right time. The second is that the investors often have a lack of competence and experience to optimally evaluate and assess the risks and full potential of each business case. The third is that there is no “natural” meeting place for these two groups.

We also noted that the path to available external capital in all forms is extremely unclear, fragmented and unstructured. There is no actor today who offers a complete solution, guides and supports idea carriers, growth/startup companies in the commercial phase and help them find the right capital at every given time.

This explains why we started Enablers of Sweden, a major “gamechanger” that fundamentally changes the way companies get access to external funding and changing the conditions for how investors globally gain access to investment opportunities and optimized dealflow.



Åke has a strong entrepreneurial drive from a vast number of entrepreneurial ventures with different roles such as advisor, mentor, inventor, innovator and
during the years acting as an enabler for companies in the start-up and growth phase. As a businessman/ entrepreneur he has many years of experience working both nationally and internationally in various areas and industries. Building strong brands and breaking ground for new products and services has been a part of his daily life for 30 years, of which 25 years as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Åke has over the years gathered a profound "toolbox" and is trained to have an understanding of new products/services regardless of industry while at the same time see true potential and market. Åke is humble, prestigious less and still very curious with a strong drive to support other entrepreneurs and business owners to succeed.



Mikael has more than 30-years of experience and competence within the field of finance and banking. Mikael has been within the Private Banking sector and spent almost 20-years abroad in Luxembourg. There he worked with Ultra High Net Wealth lndividuals involving investment strategy, corporate structures and tax planning. Moreover, Mikael has been Head of Banque lnternationale a
Luxembourg SA Representative Office in Sweden including business development, creating networks and distribution channels. Mikael hasa very strong and broad international network and is driven by creating interesting, understandable business opportunities and at the same time enabling the optimized match between investors and entrepreneurs.



Developing innovations has been a strong driving force for Christer for more than 20 years. Christer has an inherent ability to see unconventional "outside the box" solutions to existing problems and also constantly look for how things can be improved and optimized. Christers’ IT-knowledge from developing complex solutions and his excellent analytic skills is essential and of great value as a cofounder ofEnablers of Sweden. Christer is driven by developing individuals, products and organizations and has a passion for social entrepreneurship.

Enablers of Sweden, enabling funding and innovation to its full potential.

Enablers of Sweden is composed of a senior management with deep expertise, long and broad experience from many years of entrepreneurship, banking and finance.

Our team is characterized by a strong drive and commitment to multiply the number of business opportunities in the seed and growth phase with the right capital. Our vision is to enable funding and innovation to its full potential.

Combined with our extensive international network, market understanding, passion for entrepreneurship and investments we are the perfect business partner. We see ourselves as the optimal link between idea carriers, startup/growth companies and investors globally.

Our mission is to multiply the number of new business ideas that are realized and developed into successful companies, and gain access to funding for the right reason in early and growth phase.

To make this possible, we want to fundamentally change how companies get funded and at the same time change how investors get an optimized dealflow.

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