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Brandline is a communications agency that offers its clients a wide range of services, including brand and concept development, content production for investment cases, film, photo, podcast, text production, and graphic design. Our highly experienced specialists can quickly adapt to your needs and production requirements, ensuring that all deliverables meet their reality and everyday life. We have the expertise and capability to take full responsibility for the entire project or its components.

Special offer

Pitch deck including: Power point, handouts and investment memorandum.

14 995 SEK

Pitch decks

Investment Memorandum: Design and layout

Presentations: PowerPoint, KeyNote, Prezi, Google Presentations etc.

Displays & event: Roll up, Banner Stands, Exhibitions, Back Drops, Events

Branding: Brand platform, brand definitions, brand strategy, creative concept, visual identity, logotype and naming.

Film/podcasts: Corporate and concept presentations

Jörgen Däckfors
+46 709 59 33

Brandline was founded in the autumn of 2006 and consists of three permanent consultants, each with over 20 years of experience in advertising and communication products for public and commercial clients. To help us, we also have freelance employees in, among other things, image and text production.