Enablers of Sweden AB operates this website with its services (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”)

Here is a description of the Dealflow Optimizer Service™ and the general terms and conditions regarding the use of the Service offered by Enablers of Sweden:

– you as a company seeking capital.
– you as an investor seeking investment opportunities.
– you as a partner company that offers services to help the above mentioned parties to optimize their respective business.

An important part of being able to offer a quality service is to collect information about each party that wishes to use the Service. The collection and use of personal/company data is handled strictly confidentially and the processing of personal data is described in our privacy policy and complies with the GDPR.

Our privacy policy is available at: Privacy policy & Terms of services – Enablers Of Sweden.

The purpose of the platform and service Dealflow Optimizer™.

Enablers of Sweden (hereinafter referred to as “EoS”) has developed Dealflow Optimizer™ (hereinafter referred to as the Service) with the purpose of providing large-scale and more accurate help for:

– companies to find the right financing for their business.
– companies to get help from EoS’s network of partners with services that refine the company’s business.
– investors to access a more optimized deal flow of investment opportunities.

Different parts of the platform:

Website with general information about EoS business idea and vision.
Partner pages with presentation about EoS partner network.
Upcoming Teasers where companies are given the opportunity to anonymously present their business ideas.
Ongoing Teasers where EoS presents its ongoing intermediation assignments.
Blog pages that address problem areas and topics of value to EoS audiences.


Creating an account in Dealflow Optimizer™ is free and do not cost anything, nor is it automatically linked to a cost of a capital raising activity nor matching without a separate agreement.

The cost that may be relevant is linked to:

COMPANIES seeking capital and wishing to receive active help from EoS with this task.
PARTNERS that offer services and products to help EoS target groups (companies and investors) optimizing their respective business.
PREMIUM PARTNERS/SPONSORS that offer services and products to help EoS target group or that provide EoS with active financial support to carry out its mission; “multiplying the number of new business ideas realized and developed into successful companies”, as well as access to capital for the right reasons in seed and growth phase.

Policy for assignments and limitation of activities/areas

EoS business policy is fundamentally based on ethics and moral. EoS reserves the right to refuse and refrain from offering the Service and not to cooperate with actors who may be associated with violence, bullying, drugs, criminal activity or whom do not comply with established humanitarian and ethical regulations.

Process description for COMPANIES seeking funding

The Dealflow Optimizer™ service is developed to match companies seeking funding with investors who provide funding and knowledge to companies. EoS’s part and ambition in this process is to make this match as optimal as possible. The service is dependent on fact-gathering about the company and the project for which capital is sought. However, it is up to the parties – companies and investors – to finally take the decision to cooperate. See description below:

Account registration
When registering an account, a customer profile is created that is anonymous and no information will be displayed on the platform until you as an account owner give EoS permission to do so.

Start a project/funding object
The next step is to connect one or maximum three unique projects/funding objects to your company account.

After a project/funding object is set up and completed in the account, it goes to EoS for review and approval, before it is posted as an anonymous investment offer on the platform. EoS has the full right not to approve projects that do not meet EoS set policy for the types of projects displayed on the platform. Examples of areas that will not be approved are violence, drugs, pornography and other activities that EoS does not consider appropriate. EoS has unique interpretative rights in these cases.

Approval & Publishing
Once EoS has approved a project/funding object, it will appear as “Upcoming” and anonymous project funding case on the page – Project/Teaser.
EoS has no exclusive links or demands on the company and its planned projects, but the company is free to seek capital on its own or with other party while being located on the EoS platform.

Active help with fundraising
If and when EoS sees an increased interest in an “Upcoming” project, EoS may choose to offer the company active assistance with capital raising for matching against potential investors. This assignment shall be in writing and the commercial terms and conditions shall be agreed before the start-up.

Intermediation assignments
If the company wishes and chooses to take active help from EoS to seek capital, an agreement between the parties is signed at agreed commercial terms. At the same time, the company’s project/financing object changes status to “Ongoing” and is presented with name/logo on the platform. By doing so, the company hands over the responsibility managing all contacts with investors to EoS. The time and conditions of this exclusivity are governed by the contract signed between the Parties. The ultimate responsibility and decision to accept an investment and its terms always lie with the company.

Process description for INVESTORS looking for investment opportunities

The Dealflow Optimizer™ service is developed to help investors seek investment opportunities that meet the respective investor’s profile. To make this match as optimal as possible, the Service is adapted collecting facts that the investor enters in their unique account. See description below:

Account registration
When registering an investor account, a user profile is created that will always be anonymous to all visitors of the platform and no information about you as an investor will ever be displayed on the platform or made available to third parties without permission and agreement. Only EoS has access to the identity of investors until the investor explicitly chooses to be presented to a specific investment opportunity. Before the account becomes fully active, it must be approved by EoS.

Creation of unique investor profile
After you as an investor create an account you can create one or maximum three (3) unique “investment profiles”. These profiles is then used matching with companies seeking funding on the platform.

You create and name your investment profiles, each of them separately. Domain is mandatory to each of the investment profiles and before creating the rest of the profile, we recommend that you first go through all the questions and then choose the questions that are of the greatest interest and relevance to you and that specific profile.

To create a unique investment profile you can chose from answering three (3), to a maximum of ten (10) questions per investment profile. Selecting three (3) questions and multiple answer options to each of them, will give your profile more matches. The opposite is to select ten (10) questions and only one answer option on each one, it makes the match narrow.

After you create one or more investment profiles and your profile has been approved by EoS, the account is ready for use. You match your profiles against companies that are posted on the platform via your account and “My Matches”. The Delaflow Optimizer will automatically match your investment profiles with new company projects posted on the platform.

Contact with a matched company
After you are matched to a company and want to get in touch, EoS has two approaches depending on project status. If the project in question is:

Ongoing we connect you to that specific company by setting up a meeting.

Upcoming we reach out to the company and negotiate terms of service before setting up a meeting.

The ultimate responsibility and decision to invest in a company with its terms always lies with the investor.

PARTNERS offering products/services to EoS target group

EoS is looking for Enablers i.e. partner companies that support our mission to multiply the number of new business ideas that are realized and developed into successful companies and gain access to capital for the right reasons in the seed and growth phase.

We are looking for companies that offer products/services to EoS target group (companies and investors) to optimize their respective business operations. As a partner, you will be displayed on EoS platform Dealflow Optimizer™.

EoS ambition is to position itself as “The good guy” and take the role of guide/guide and become the natural hub for companies seeking funding and other help in startup and expansion phase.

At the same time, EoS will help active investors to monitor the Swedish market for investment opportunities in the early stages and qualify them according to the respective investors’ wishes/investment profiles. All to create the optimal match between companies and investors.

EoS invites partners to be involved in creating a global transformation. Through an active partnership at different levels, EoS offers its partners to be part of EoS work but also the opportunity to offer its products and services to EoS broad target group of: Early growth and expansion phase companies, Investors (private, VC companies, Family Office and Funds) as well as other partners.

For more information about partnerships contact Åke Pihlanen
Send a mail+46 70 620 28 20